A complete Talent management system for the entire employee journey

We’re convinced that engaged employees with the right knowledge is the key to success for all types of organizations. Our Talent Management System helps organizations attract, engage and retain the right type of people giving our clients a competitive edge.

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Our products

Grade Attract

Employer branding​

Grade Attract helps you reach the right candidates and create a lasting first impression.

Grade Recruit

Recruitment tool

Grade Recruit is a user-friendly all-in-one tool that helps you attract and acquire the right employees.

Grade Refensa

Digital reference checking

Streamline your recruitment process with our automated reference check system.

Grade Onboarding

Digital onboarding

Welcome and introduce new employees in an efficient and engaging way with our digital onboarding system.

Grade Engage

Pulse survey system

Use automatically scheduled surveys to measure and analyze your employees engagement and well-being.

Grade Learning

Learning management system

Our LMS allows your employees to develop strategically and efficiently, with the use of flexible learning activities.

Grade Talent

Performance Management and Skill Management

An employee development tool that places focus on engagement and performance relating to your business goals.

How can we help you?

Grow within the platform based on your needs and simply activate parts you need to secure your organization’s collective skills. 

Tell your organization’s story and attract future employees with a unique career page. We will help you set up an engaging career page, thus reaching the right candidates and boosting your employer brand.
Save time by targeting the right candidates from the get-go with our scalable recruitment tools, such as integration with test tools, skill-based recruitment and digital reference checking.
Welcome and introduce new employees using our popular onboarding module. Personalized checklists and digital training ensure that all new employees are set up for success.
A complete Learning management system with full support for e-Learning, teacher-led courses and flexible blended learning arrangements. Our LMS includes a built-in authoring tool, test tools, timed certificates, survey tools and course catalogues for internal and external target groups.
Digitalize employee appraisals and ensure your appraisals stay on track – just like you planned. Grade Talent includes meeting guides, with templates for questions, goals and activities, as well as skills profiles, development plans and sign-offs. The platform supports everything from simple ad hoc meetings with individual employees to recurring employee meetings across the entire organization.
Measure and analyze your employee’s engagement and well-being with automatically scheduled surveys, giving HR and managers insight into every part of the organization. Through the intuitive dashboards your managers can follow up the results, see trends within their team in real time and get suggestions on what to do about it.
Find and manage existing roles and competencies in your organization. The platform visualizes competency gaps at individual, departmental and operational level and simplifies strategic decision-making around skill development and recruitment.
Use 360 feedback to give employees and managers feedback from several different perspectives. Grade allows for the combination of self-evaluation with feedback from managers, other employees and team members.
Digital career paths help visualize how individual employees can grow and develop within the organization.
By connecting your organizations vision and goals to individual employee goals and activities, you can steer the organization in the desired direction.
Who are your key employees and who would be suitable replacements for them if they left the business? Digitalize your succession planning and future-proof your company by planning for potential changes with compatible replacements and risk management.
Grade supports the offboarding process, by giving employees who leave the business a nice end to their employment, with the possibility to give feedback in exit surveys and performance reviews.

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