Client testimonials: Distansinstitutet

Within a short amount of time, Distansinstitutet has become a popular supplier of online professional training courses. Focusing on user experience within the learning platform has proven to be a winning concept.

Distansinstitutet was founded in 2018 with a purpose to offer online professional training by well-known experts within various fields.

– “We started Distansinstitutet because we saw a large demand for private professional training programs. The ability to participate in courses anywhere in the world without any set times or deadlines attracted a lot of people. With the help of well-known subject experts, we wanted to offer a digital alternative to college or vocational school with a smooth user experience – from sign-up to the moment of being certified. Choosing the right platform was obviously very important and we compared a lot of different suppliers before making our decision. Grade offered a flexible solution, and were receptive to our needs,” says Marcus Lindh, CEO and founder of Distansinstitutet.


Once their Grade Learningplatform was set up, Distansinstitutet began enlisting subject experts to put together courses using the built-in authoring tool Composer. Emphasis was placed on learner experience – the courses needed to be easy to navigate and contain the right amount of information. Today, the course content ranges from video and audio to different kinds of interactive exercises.

– “Because our courses are executed without any classroom instruction, we incorporate a lot of exercises. This enables us to give dynamic feedback as a part of the learning process. We are able to ensure that the participant has have obtained the knowledge and been able to practice and review important material,” Marcus explains.

After completing a course, participants receive a diploma. They also have the chance to become certified through different professional tests, assessed by Distansinstitutet in collaboration with relevant subject experts. The certification is proof that the participant has the skills to apply that knowledge day to day.


Investing in private professional training within an easily accessible format has proven to be a winning concept. Distansinstitutet is growing rapidly and will launch 10 new courses within the next year. Among the approximately 3,000 people who’ve taken part in their courses, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Upon completion, participants are able to rate the course, and the average rating is 4.41 out of 5. In terms of the platform, 90% of users have given it a 5 out of 5. We will continue to develop courses in line with current labor market needs, and we are excited about our continued collaboration with Grade”,  Marcus says.

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