Client Testimonial: Telenor

In 2018, Telenor found themselves at a crossroads. Their sales team wanted to and the demand for training opportunities was much larger than what the company was able to provide.

“Because all training was done in-person, the number of spaces were limited. We found it very difficult to meet the demand and had to prioritize employees that had met certain goals. On top of that, putting the courses together was costly and cumbersome. In 2018, we made the decision to invest in digital learning through a new platform that would give all our employees the same opportunity to grow and develop. We ended up choosing GRADE’s platform, which we aptly gave the name GROW,” explains Petter Frisk, Learning Manager & Developer at Telenor.


Telenor started using Learning as a new training portal, and a wide range of online courses were created. With a culture founded on personal choice, it was important that the courses delivered top quality content and pedagogy.
Grade gives each employee an individual skill profile, visualized as a spider web, where new skills are displayed for every completed course. As the employee’s skillset grows, so does the spider web. It provides a road map of each employee’s specific talents and interests – information that is fundamental for internal recruitment.
Thanks to GRADE, the training period for new employees has been significantly reduced, as they can learn beforehand what they otherwise would’ve learned only after they began their new role. In addition, employees can develop their skills on a “learning journey” – a career path where employees in each “station” get to do online training before going to an in-person Training Camp.

– Our goal was to be able to combine in-person learning with online training. Our employees have to complete a certain amount of online training before moving on to an in-person Training Camp. By the time we meet in-person, employees already have a high level of knowledge, which means we can focus on exchanging experiences and practicing what we’ve learned through workshops, discussions, and practical exercises. We truly get the best of both worlds – we learn online and when we meet, we can use the time more efficiently and build a better culture,” Petter says.


By working with Grade Telenor had acquired a training portal that is constantly growing and improving – loved by managers and employees alike. With the platform’s built-in notifications, managers can easily track their employees’ training, even during periods of remote work. According to employees’ evaluation of the GRADE platform and the digital courses:
0 %
feel that the courses have a direct positive impact on how they work in the shops.
0 %
would recommend the courses to others.
0 %
complete at least one course per week.
0 %
complete the courses on their phone.

All new employees undergo a digital onboarding course to ensure they have critical skills and knowledge regarding the company’s values, strategy, and customers. Apart from that, all other training is done entirely by choice – and the interest among employees is huge. When new courses are added, the completion rate can be as high as 90% after only 10 days.

Access to interactive digital training has in and of itself created a large pull among employees – but Telenor’s decision to incorporate games has increased engagement further. Employees can collect points and compete against each other, individually or as a team.

“I believe the key to our success was involving our incredible employees in the development of the training program from the very start. We spend a lot of time testing the courses and collecting feedback from our employees to ensure that what we create feels relevant. Even though we are now able to enroll many more employees than before, we have cut training costs significantly. We are now able to reach all employees quickly and easily without having to schedule trips or cover shifts in the stores. In other words, we’ve created a sustainable culture of learning,” Petter explains.