Client testimonial: Region Östergötland

For many years, Region Östergötland’s employees gave weekly feedback regarding their work environment by moving around colored magnets on whiteboards. This method is known as a vision board and is commonly used within the public sector. The green, yellow, and red magnets give a general overview of the current state of each department. This method, however, only gives a general overview – there’s no simple way for managers to track trends over time. Managers also don’t receive any automated assistance or suggested actions to address issues and negative trends.

Linus Lanker and his colleagues within the region’s HR and management departments recognized the potential for improvement and decided to digitalize how they follow up on the feedback.

– “We decided to launch digital pulse surveys. Pulse was an obvious choice since we were already using Grade for e-learning, skill management, employee appraisal, etc. It was important that the tool would be flexible, and Grade was very receptive to this and the rest of our needs”, Linus explains.


The first pulse surveys were issued in the fall 2019 at different intervals based on each department’s needs. Some managers chose to check in once a week, while others preferred every other week or once every three weeks. The surveys are emailed out as unique links and can be filled out on any device. All feedback is completely anonymous.

– “Filling out the survey should be easy for employees. Completing the rating scale questions takes a maximum of 10 seconds, but employees also have the possibility of leaving feedback for their manager based on these questions – and they can choose to be anonymous,” Linus goes on to say.

Managers can track the results in real time on the Grade platform. Their dashboards display averages from the latest surveys, as well as trends over time. They are also able to see and respond to comments, as well as receive suggestions on actions to improve or address negative trends.


Employees and managers have both responded positively to Pulse. Now everyone has the same opportunity to make their voices heard. In 2020, many employees started working remotely and the ability to give feedback digitally regarding their work situation took on a whole new meaning. Managers appreciate the feedback they get from their teams and thanks to the Grade platform’s simple interface, they can easily identify which areas need extra attention. Managers also get practical advice based on the specific results.

That continuous feedback from employees has enabled the managers to grasp what’s important and invite employees to discuss and elaborate in a more natural way. Things that never used to reach the managers are now able to surface and be addressed as needed.

– “Our advice to anyone just getting started with pulse surveys is to explain to your employees the importance of their participation. And don’t just focus on areas or departments that get lower scores – analyzing positive results is equally important. What is this specific team so successful? How do we keep that going? And how can we apply it across the organization?“