Grow through digital competence management

Empower competence management with Grade Competence – visualise competence gaps, activate unutilised skills and lay the foundation for long-term development at an individual and organisational level. A structured process for competence management helps ensure you have the right competences in the right place – both today and tomorrow. Grade Competence can be used independently or as an integrated component of our holistic Talent Management solution.

Grade Competence contains digital support for:

Competence inventorying

Map out the existing roles and competences in your business and compare how well they match with the competences you need to attain your overarching goals. Grade Competence can visualise competence gaps at the individual, departmental and organisational level, laying the foundation for strategic decision-making regarding competence development, recruitment and more. The interface shows employee roles and their links to certificates, courses and competences. Digital competence mapping can quite naturally be woven into other processes such as onboarding, employee appraisals and training.

Competence acquisition planning

Use Grade Competence to create competence acquisition plans for your company. The plans can be used to support your strategic work going forward by identifying future competence needs in your company. Grade Competence can help you to identify short and long term recruitment and training needs in order to attain your overarching company goals.

Career paths

A common reason why employees lose motivation and leave a company is a lack of development opportunities. Grade Competence starts with the competence profiles of your employees and visualises potential short and long term development opportunities. Digital career paths inspire development – within both existing roles and entirely new areas – so that you can retain your talents.

Succession planning

Who are your key people and have you got suitable replacements for them if they leave your company? Digital succession planning with Grade Competence enables you to structure your succession planning and future-proof your business by preparing for potential changes and identifying compatible replacements.

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