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GDPR is an EU regulation that applies from 25 May 2018. The new regulation replaces the PUL (Personal Data Act). The following page contains information about how we process personal data and security.

When you are in contact with Grade as a customer or possibly use one of our IT services – this means that you provide some form of personal data. This also applies if you apply for one of our vacant positions or participate in on of our events, etc. We can also access your data through e-mail conversations, telephone conversations or in personal meetings.

We handle org. number, name, company, telephone number and email address. Grade always protects personal data with the measures required in each individual case and ensures that the processing takes place in accordance with applicable law. Grade has the right to handle the personal data required to fulfill our business obligations. This applies to information that you have provided to us after consent.

Grade may sometimes also receive personal data from a company register or other public sources. Information about possible allergies may also be handled, as it is sometimes collected when booking events. Through customer surveys, we can sometimes ask for your opinion in order to create a better offer and become an even better supplier.

Personal data via our website and newsletter etc.

By checking the box next to each form on our website, you agree that you understand that your data is saved, so that it becomes possible to respond to the message and contact you. If you have chosen to download files/ and/or documents from our website, where we ask for your email address, we may contact you afterwards. By accepting these terms, you also agree that we might send newsletters to the email address you entered. By clicking “unsubscribe” in the footer of our newsletters, you can always unsubscribe or opt-out from our mailings.

Hubspot and Google

We use Hubspot for lead capturing, and Google Marketing Platform, (Google Ads and Google Analytics), to measure and see how visitors use our website and any mailings. However, this information cannot be traced back to individuals.

Read more about google here.


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At Grade, we use the following types of cookies. To read more about the cookies we use and their storage duration, click here to visit our cookie policy.

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Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are cookies that must be placed for basic functions to work on the website. Basic functions are, for example, cookies which are needed so that you can use menus on the website and navigate on the site.

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Functional cookies need to be placed on the website in order for it to perform as you would expect. For example, so that it recognizes which language you prefer, whether or not you are logged in, to keep the website secure, remember login details or to be able to sort products on the website according to your preferences.

Cookies for statistics

For us to measure your interactions with the website, we place cookies in order to keep statistics. These cookies anonymize personal data.

Cookies for ad-tracking

To enable us to offer better service and experience, we place cookies so that we can provide relevant advertising. Another aim of this processing is to enable us to promote products or services, provide customized offers or provide recommendations based on what you have purchased in the past.

Ad measurement user cookies

In order to show relevant ads we place cookies to tailor ads for you

Personalized ads cookies

To show relevant and personal ads we place cookies to provide unique offers that are tailored to your user data