Digital onboarding

Onboarding is important for building the organization’s collective skills. The better the introduction, the faster your employees will get the hang of things. They tend to be more engaged and more likely to stay on longer.

Use Grade Onboarding to welcome and introduce employees in an efficient and engaging way. Our digital onboarding module can be used completely on its own or as an integrated part of our Talent management system.

Grade Onboarding:

Reduce administration and save time

Grade Onboarding frees up your managers’ bandwidth, reduces administration and provides onboarding to a large number of employees all at once. With personalized checklists and digital training, you can easily equip new employees with important information when they need it most.

Give your employees the premier onboarding experience

By digitalizing your onboarding process, you can offer new hires the same level of training, while also ensuring quality down to the smallest detail. This makes for a fair onboarding process and ensures that all new employees are set up for success.

Take full advantage of new employee engagement

New employees are often excited, engaged, and ready to dig into a new challenge. Don’t miss the chance to capitalize on this surge of new energy. A digital onboarding process gives new employees a positive start and a first impression that lasts!


New hires want to get to know their new employer as soon as possible. With a digital preboarding process, you can strengthen your employer brand and get new hires excited for their first day – immediately after they sign their job contract.

Because it’s integrated to our recruitment module, the preboarding process becomes available automatically as soon as the contract has been signed and the candidate is marked as “Employee”.

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