Grade Varbi

The flexible and scalable recruitment tool for organizations with high security and quality standards. Attract the right candidates and simplify hiring with Grade Varbi.

Tailor the recruitment process to your needs

Whether you’re a recruitment veteran or hiring for the first time, your recruitment tool should always be easy to use – at every step of the hiring process. Grade Varbi is flexible and can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.

The obvious choice for the public sector and big organizations

If you work in the public sector or within a governmental agency, you require a secure and powerful recruitment support system that is GDPR compliant, while also being simple and user-friendly. A structured, streamlined and secure process means you get more time to find the perfect candidate for the job.

You set permissions

Who can see and do what? You decide what permissions you want to give to someone and for how long. For instance, you can assign permissions to a hiring manager responsible for a specific role or mass recruitment within a specific timeframe. You can also limit permissions to a department or to a specific job ad.

Hiring for skills

Grade Varbi makes it easy to ensure the quality of your recruitment process with the help of our skills-based recruitment (SBR) module. The module was developed together with Malin Lindelöw according to her evidence-based method to help you reduce the risk of bad hires, and ensures you ask the right questions during interviews and reference checks. As the recruiter, you choose the skills that are relevant for the role, and based on your selection, the recruitment system will assist and support you throughout the interview and reference check process.

Manage applicant priority directly in the recruitment system

To make the recruitment process as efficient and accurate as possible, Grade Varbi offers a module built into the recruitment system that lets you manage applicant priority. The module makes it quick and easy to identify applicants who have priority, such as previous employees with the necessary qualifications for the open position or internal candidates looking to switch roles. And, of course, everything is digital and GDPR compliant.

Deploying and matching

Sometimes an employee needs to be matched to a new position in the organization. Our redeployment and matching module, integrated directly into the recruitment system, helps employers redeploy employees in need. The candidate’s qualifications are matched against the must-have requirements of all open positions within a specified timeframe. With just a single click, all jobs that do not match the candidate’s qualifications are filtered out. All that remains is for you, as the administrator, to place the candidate in the appropriate role.

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