Performance Management and Competency Management

Grade Talent is an employee development tool that places focus on engagement and performance relating to your business goals. We lay the foundation for a future-proofed skill pool by digitalizing your company’s processes for everything from employee meetings and feedback to goal management.

Grade Talent can be used completely on its own or as an integrated part of our all-in-one solution for talent management.

Grade Talent:

Digitalize employee appraisals and ensure your appraisals stay on track – just like you planned. Grade Talent includes meeting guides, with templates for questions, goals and activities, as well as skills profiles, development plans and sign-offs. The platform supports everything from simple ad hoc meetings with individual employees to recurring employee meetings across the entire organization.
Map out which roles and skills your company has and how well they match up with the skills you need to accomplish your overarching goals. The platform shows skill gaps at the individual, department and business levels and lays the foundation for strategic decisions within areas such as skill development and recruitment. The interface visualizes employee roles as well as how those roles connect to certifications, courses and skills. Digital skill charting is seamlessly integrated into other processes, including onboarding, employee meetings and training.
Turn your strategy into reality by connecting your business’s vision and overarching goals to each employee’s individual goals and activities. Talent lets you steer your organization in the direction you want – in a way that is natural and catered to your specific business. Employee goals and performance are visualized for both employees and managers alike, providing essential documentation for feedback and validation.
Use 360° feedback to let employees know how they’re doing – from all angles. Why not take employee self-evaluations to the next level with feedback from line managers, other employees and team members? 360° feedback is a great employee development tool for documentation ahead of employee meetings and skill charting, for example. Employee goals and performance are visualized for both employees and managers alike, providing essential documentation for feedback and validation.

A common reason why employees leave a company is a lack of development opportunities. Using your employee skills profiles as a jumping-off point, Grade Talent visualizes the development opportunities specific to them – both in the short and long term. Digital career paths help inspire employees to grow both in their current role and cross-functionally.

Who are your key employees and who would be suitable replacements for them if they left the business? Digitalize your succession planning and future-proof your company by planning for potential changes with compatible replacements and risk management.

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