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skill management

With digital skill management in Grade Competence, it is easier than ever to visualize skill gaps, tap into unused skills and lay the foundation for long-term development at both the individual and organizational level. A structured process for skill management ensures you have the right skills in the right place – both today and tomorrow.

Grade Competence includes digital support for:

Skills inventory

Map out which roles and skills your company has and how well they match up with the skills you need to accomplish your overarching goals. Grade Competence visualizes skill gaps at the individual, department and business levels and lays the foundation for strategic decisions within areas such as skill development and recruitment.

The interface shows employee roles as well as how those roles connect to certifications, courses and skills. Digital skills mapping can be seamlessly integrated into other processes, including onboarding, employee meetings and training.

Competence acquisition planning

Grade Competence assists you in strategically planning and managing your company’s talent pool. The plans are meant to guide and support all strategy work moving forward by identifying future skills needs within the company. With Grade Competence, you can identify short- and long-term recruitment and training needs to keep you on track to achieving your overarching company goals.

Career paths

A common reason why employees lose engagement and leave a company is the lack of development opportunities. Using your employees’ skills profiles as a starting point, Grade Competence visualizes the development opportunities specific to them – both in the short and long term. Digital career paths inspire growth—both within an employee’s current role and in other areas—so that you can retain talent within the company.

Succession planning

Who are your key employees and are there suitable replacements for them if they leave the business? With digital succession planning in Grade Competence, you can structure your succession planning, ensuring your company is prepared for potential changes by identifying compatible replacements.

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