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Grade Learning is a complete learning platform that manages everything from microlearning to complex leadership programs. The platform’s built-in authoring tool makes it easy to create interactive digital training programs that engage your employees and move your business forward.

Grade Learning:

Peace of mind

As a Grade customer, you’ll always have a dedicated project manager on your side. We support your organization to ensure you get the most out of your LMS. Additionally, you’ll always have access to our highly-rated support with 98.25% customer satisfaction (average value for 2021) through email, phone, and helpdesk portal.


Accessibility is important to both us and our customers. Grade Learning complies with the accessibility requirements set out in WCAG 2.1 AA and is even accessible for users with, for example, vision or hearing impairments. Thanks to its modern interface and responsive design, the LMS is easy to use on your phone, computer or tablet.


Our customers are among Sweden’s largest employers, and we have extensive experience implementing Grade Learning into complex organizations. Our integration specialists will help you import history from other systems and integrate the LMS with, for example, your HR system.
Telenor använder LMS för e-learning-kurser

"Now we really get the best of both worlds – whatever we can learn digitally, we learn digitally, and when we meet in-person, we can use our time efficiently and strengthen our company culture."

Petter Frisk
Learning Manager & Developer – Telenor

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Grade Learning in the public sector

Many agencies, municipalities, and almost half of Sweden’s regions have chosen Grade Learning as their preferred LMS to establish an optimal environment for learning and development.

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LMS and Grade Learning FAQs

LMS stands for Learning Management System. An LMS is primarily used to distribute, conduct and follow up on different kinds of learning activities, for example, e-learning and traditional classroom courses.

Initially, learning platforms were predominantly used within academia, but now, the target audience for LMSs includes all companies and organizations seeking to engage in digital and structured learning and employee development.

Yes, they are exactly the same thing. With the expanding uses and applications of digital training platforms, the names for this type of system have also multiplied - training system, e-learning platform, e-learning system, LMS system, learning platform, and training portal are just a few of the terms used.
SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model and is a standard e-learning format. SCORM makes it possible to export and import digital trainings between different LMSs. Of course, Grade Learning is compatible with the SCORM format, letting you easily import and export e-courses.
Our customers appreciate the flexibility and option to easily integrate different parts of the LMS into their processes, including employee meetings, goal management, and skill management. Grade Learning is the LMS you’ll never outgrow, used by everyone from smaller educational companies to Sweden’s largest employers in both the private and public sector.

Yes, of course! With Grade Learning, you can easily create engaging onboarding programs for new hires. Combine digital trainings with easy-to-read checklists that managers and HR/administrators can easily track and follow up on. Take full advantage of new employee engagement and curiosity even before their first work day with digital preboarding. Grade Learning is integrated with Grade’s recruitment tool, meaning incoming employees can automatically receive an invitation to start their preboarding and onboarding immediately after their job contract is signed.

Grade Learning is a cloud service (SaaS) that can be accessed by entering a URL into your web browser. You decide what you want the address to your LMS to be. On the login page, your employees will sign in by entering their username and password. There is also an option to activate SSO (Single sign-on), allowing your employees to log in automatically. Of course, your employees can access the LMS from their computer, tablet and phone.

Of course! You are more than welcome to complement your digital learning activities with traditional instructor-led sessions, for example, when you need to supervise a hands-on training session or when the training needs to be done in a specific environment.

Unlike digital learning, traditional training sessions are held at a specific place and time. Grade Learning helps you administer sign-up sheets, participant lists, waiting lists, allergy reports, attendance lists, invoicing and much more.

Grade Learning can be purchased with or without the traditional instructor-led training module.

The short answer: anyone. There is no training required to get started with Composer, the built-in authoring tool. Grade Learning makes it fun and easy to create interactive e-Learning courses! The slightly longer answer: anyone who has course administrator privileges for one or more digital trainings in Grade Learning. Some organizations have dedicated course producers, while others let employees who are subject matter experts create e-Learning activities so that important key skills are shared throughout the organization. If you want advice on, for example, teaching methodology or content, we are here to help!
Yes, of course! Grade Learning can be used to train anyone – from the general public to customers, partners and retailers. The LMS features a flexible setup with course catalogues that let you offer different courses to different target groups. Of course, you have the flexibility to blend fully digital trainings with in-person, instructor-led sessions. Grade Learning even lets you provide open-access trainings to your target groups without any registration required.
You betcha! A lot of people find learning more fun when some sort of game is involved, such as scoreboards or awards. Gamification is an effective way to engage your employees and enhance their learning experience. All you have to do is decide which goals and achievements should be awarded, and Grade Learning takes care of the rest. Who doesn’t want to be first place on a scoreboard?

Yes. A lot of companies offer trainings that employees must complete one or multiple times in order to comply with current rules and regulations. With Grade Learning, you can easily track which employees have completed your mandatory trainings and which have not. What about trainings that need to be completed at regular intervals? With Grade Learning, you can utilize timed certificates to automate re-registration and ensure that your employees' knowledge level meets the requirements of their roles.

The standard version of the LMS is available in Swedish, English, Norwegian and Finnish. It's a breeze to activate more languages if needed. Grade Learning’s language settings are flexible, allowing your employees to select their preferred language. Of course, you can also set different default languages for different parts of the organization.

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