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Grade Performance helps you transform your employees’ skills and engagement into performance and achievements that make your business goals a reality. Digitalize your processes for goal management and employee meetings, and unlock the full potential of employee development with measurable results.

Grade Performance includes support for:

Employee Appraisals​

Plan, conduct and follow up on everything from simple ad hoc meetings with individual employees to recurring employee appraisals​ across the entire organization. By digitalizing your employee meetings, you can ensure that they are conducted in a structured and engaging way – with a clear connection to the team’s and organization’s goals. Grade Performance guides you through meeting processes with question templates that directly relate to each employee’s goals and performance, skills profile and development plan. After all the documentation is signed, everything is encrypted and saved in compliance with GDPR.

Goal Management

With digital goal management in Grade Performance, you can steer your organization in the direction you want – in a way that is natural and catered to your specific business. Bring your strategy to life by breaking down your vision and overarching goals into specific objectives and tasks for each individual employee. Grade Performance offers a structured foundation for follow-up and feedback by visualizing goals and completed tasks for both employees and managers.

360° Feedback

Use digital 360° feedback in Grade Performance to provide employees with comprehensive feedback that gives the whole perspective. Combine employees’ self-evaluations with feedback from managers, coworkers, and team members to mitigate the risk of bias that may arise when feedback is provided by only one person. The results highlight employees’ strengths and areas for improvement, and can be used as the perfect starting point to prepare for, for example, employee meetings, skills inventory or team development.

Digital employee appraisals – how do they work?


Before an employee appraisal is conducted, both the employee and manager can prepare by looking over the points to be covered during the appraisal in Grade Performance. They can consult documentation from previous appraisals, add notes to questions in the upcoming appraisal and review information such as the employee’s current competence profile, development plan and goals.

The appraisal itself

Digital employee appraisals are conducted in exactly the same way as traditional appraisals, the difference being that all documents relating to the employee’s development and current work situation are at your fingertips on the platform. The actual talking points are for you to decide. The process can be built up from the following elements in whatever order you prefer:
The process ends with both parties signing the appraisal. This can be done immediately after the dialogue or at a later time once both employee and manager have had a chance to look over the outcome in their own time. No matter when signing occurs, the status of the appraisal will be clearly visible on the platform to both parties at all times.


Once the appraisal has been signed by both employee and manager, it will be saved and securely encrypted so that no changes can subsequently be made. The employee’s development plan will then be updated with the new activities that have been agreed. Grade Performance will send notifications based on the due dates attached to the activities. Reminders, plus the platform overview give employees the best possible conditions to achieve their goals in accordance with the plan, while managers get a basis for continuous feedback.

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