Welcome Sverrir Steindorsson

Sverrir grew up in a small Icelandic town and his career has varied a lot. A long time ago he worked as a machinist for a prosthetics company, and before he got into software development, he taught teenagers in mathematics. Eventually he saw the opportunity to build cool stuff together with cool people and he joined the Grade family.

Welcome to Grade Sverrir Steindorsson, what is your work experience within software development?

– I have previously worked on applications written in “Ruby on Rails” but most recently I worked for a company that specializes as a Business Central consultancy. It is a Swedish subsidiary for an Icelandic company.

How come you applied to Grade?

– I wanted to build cool stuff together with cool people, preferably in “Ruby on Rails” since I have a lot of experience in the framework. I went to the interview(s) fairly open minded, and I accepted the offer to work as a developer because the guys at Grade seemed to fit the cool-criteria.

What other experience do you think will be useful in your role as a developer at Grade?

– Some of the work I have done in the past is quite similar to what I’m currently doing and some of it is quite different. I suppose the common denominator is people. The spectrum of people I have worked with is broad, all the way from young children to old people. Every job has its set of problems and solutions.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

– I enjoy making things which I suppose can mean many things. E.g. I enjoy woodworking and growing chilies. But I don’t really like to plan my free time ahead too much. I suppose it’s in my DNA (Icelandic people are notorious for not planning ahead). If the weather is nice, I might go for a bike ride into the Skåne countryside but currently I might also try to use the time to work on repairing and rebuilding my garage and get it ready to become a woodworking shop.

Thank you Sverrir, hope you will enjoy your cool role here at Grade!

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