The nordic community builder - Client testimonial: Peab

Two things that all of Peab’s 15,000 employees across Sweden, Norway and Finland could always rely on, was safe workplaces and plenty of development opportunities. But in 2018, Peab was faced with a challenge. With an LMS well past its expiration date, a lot of time and energy was going into manually managing courses and certificates. Although they had a tool for goal and performance reviews, there was no way to plan or map out skill development among employees. The company had a hard time getting any kind of overview on neither a strategic nor operational level.


In 2018, the company began collaborating with Grade as part of the initial phase of reimagining their skill development program. Guided by the keywordskeywords “transparent” and “accessible to everyone”,Grade’s platform was introduced – under the name of “Compass”. “It was important that this new platform be accessible to all employees in all three countries, no matter their position or skill level. Another important aspect was the ability to use it on any device. We wanted every employee to have easy access to their personal development plan, regardless of what device they were using,” says Cecilia Bergensjö, former Head of Skill Development at Peab.


Since implementing Compass back in 2018, Peab has worked with Grade to drive the development of the platform forward in line with the company’s needs. And to this day, Peab is actively making good use of all of Compass’ services. It has become a digital hub for skill development – and not just for Peab’s own employees! Several of their partners have asked to get a piece of the action too.

Skill transparency

Thanks to its many integrations with other systems, Compass has become the nucleus of a much larger system. Information regarding employees’ skillsets is used in both the bidding and planning of new projects. In ongoing projects, the data that Compass brings to the table plays a central role. Through integrations with the industry’s skill database, they are able to track every stage of every project and know exactly which of Peab’s employees and subcontractors have the necessary qualifications to take on specific tasks.

Positive response from managers

Peab’s managers have received Compass with great enthusiasm. Within the platform, they’re able to manage and follow their employees’ development seamlessly. Digital career paths visualize how each individual employee can grow and develop within the company. Skill charting during performance reviews forms the foundation for individual development plans as well as how teams are set up.

Thanks to a newly developed feature in the platform, skills within the organization are visualized in a more clear and intuitive way. Managers are kept up to date on the various skills within the organization and how they develop. By focusing on skill fulfillment, as opposed to gaps, Peab now has a unique and well-oiled routine for planning, developing and applying new skills.

“Implementing this type of system was obviously a long journey, but it took us down the road to innovation. We’ve built an entirely new infrastructure for skill development that allows us to work more strategically and be more structured. Compass enables us to create flexible training solutions, and we are now better equipped to follow up on feedback. Skill development is no longer synonymous with long trips and away-from-office training camps”says Cecilia.

Long-term collaboration

This long-term collaboration benefits Grade as much as it benefits Peab. As Peab improve their skill development program, we improve our products. Numerous projects have been successfully concluded, and several new ones are underway.

“As a supplier, it’s both exciting and flattering to get to play such an important role in how Peab achieves its vision for skill development. Together, we are always trying to find new processes and functionalities that, in a natural way, support the organization in their day-to-day operations. With their focus on individual and daily learning, Peab feels like a modern and savvy employer,” says Henning Karlsson, former Senior Advisor and Delivery Manager at Grade. säger Henning Karlsson, Senior Advisor och leveransansvarig på Grade.

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